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Improve Your Pitch with Help from the Presenter Zone

Learning presentation skills can be done easily anywhere and anytime.

But what about practice and feedback? 

That was the question we asked here at the Presenter Zone when we brainstormed ways to help you develop and refine your skills. And we realized, there aren’t all that many places to practice, and even fewer places that provide the kind of feedback that will truly elevate your skills.

So we created Pitch in the Zone, a weekly online event where you can deliver a 3-minute pitch of your company, product, service, or idea in front of a live audience and receive instant feedback from experts and members of the audience.

How does Pitch in the Zone work?

Each Pitch in the Zone event is only 30 minutes long to ensure that you get the most value in the shortest time.

After a quick welcome, we start out with one presenter pitching his or her company, product, service, or idea for three minutes.

This is followed by in-depth feedback from Nathan Gold and Claudio Sennhauser as well as participants who want to share their observations.

And finally, a short session with Nathan who will share Pro Pitch Tips that have helped his clients raise millions in capital. 

Visit the Pitch in the Zone Forum to watch recordings of previous sessions.

What will you gain from this event?

If you are pitching in the zone, you will gain valuable feedback about your pitch. We will highlight those elements that work well and pinpoint areas you may want to improve.

And even just watching the pitch and feedback sessions will help you improve your own presentations. Promised.

I would like to practice and get feedback. What do I have to do?

We are always looking for presenters who would like to practice and receive feedback for their 3-minute pitch. This could be a company introduction, a product presentation, or an investor pitch.

If you are interested, click here.