Pitch in the Zone – Jonah Katz – July 30, 2020

  • Pitch in the Zone – Jonah Katz – July 30, 2020

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    July 30, 2020 at 9:09 am

    This week’s presenter at Pitch in the Zone was Jonah Katz, Cofounder and CMO of Pump, who practiced a pitch for a fitness app that add a social aspect to your workout.

    Here is the recording of the event: https://youtu.be/XdkHCBnXUWg

    Jonah, like every savvy presenter, thrives on feedback. Please help him further improve his pitch in the comments. Thank you!

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    July 31, 2020 at 6:58 am

    As always, valuable feedback was also shared in the meeting’s chat:

    00:31:54 Michael Marchuk: Jonah: I know you’re nervous doing the pitch, but I didn’t “feel” the excitement. I noted that you were reading parts (it was kind of obvious).

    00:32:41 Michael Marchuk: I think you have a good idea, mashups make sense to get the “best of” from boht…

    00:35:57 Michael Marchuk: Agreed with Massimo… stick with the story

    00:36:08 Michael Marchuk: Stories help people remember and “feel” it…

    00:36:43 Nathan Gold: Stories are a magic tool that just works!

    00:37:19 Michael Marchuk: I also didn’t know what the trainers would “get” from participating or how the various participants would engage those trainers in a specific way.

    00:37:58 Michael Marchuk: Remember to “sit in the seat of your audience” so see if they are going to hear the message in the same way.

    00:39:00 Michael Marchuk: I think the description of the app was good (as Nina mentioned the connection with TikTok dance challenge) is a good connection that people understand.

    00:40:54 Michael Marchuk: If you DO use visuals, it may work well to show the “before” pictures to help us to relate to a 120lb 6’1″ high schooler and the “after” when you’ve “beefed up” a bit…

    00:43:30 Michael Marchuk: It could be a good “platform” play

    00:52:30 Michael Marchuk: Jonah, please know that this forum may seem like a lot of feedback that may seem critical, but we’re all here to help you refine your pitch (and maybe even you business model) to help you to be more successful. We’re here for you! 🙂

    00:53:21 Vijayaragavan E: well said Michael.

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