Pitch in the Zone – Will Foster – September 3, 2020

  • Pitch in the Zone – Will Foster – September 3, 2020

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    September 3, 2020 at 9:09 am

    This week’s presenter at Pitch in the Zone was Will Foster, CEO of GrupoA-B, who delivered an investor pitch.

    Here is the recording of the event: https://youtu.be/me_OTAGTZmg

    Will received lots of feedback and will be back in the Zone soon to deliver his improved pitch.

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    September 3, 2020 at 9:14 am

    Michael Marchuk: Didn’t get the “hello, my name is…” intro to help define who you are and your credentials…

    Michael Marchuk: Started with technology, and terms which may not matter to investors.

    Michael Marchuk: DLT… I assume that your investors will already KNOW this, but if you’re pitching to Angels / VC’s who are not steeped in the market, this may not mean anything…

    Michael Marchuk: I’m hearing a lot of “facts”, but not a compelling swell to a call to action….

    Michael Marchuk: Your pitch sounds like a great FSI conference seminar… I’m not hearing the investor pitch, specifically… except for the $10B exit mention…

    Michael Marchuk: Trading/Currency/API/DFT/AI/Data Mining … too many buzz words for investors

    Michael Marchuk: Some of the additional details are follow-ons, not in an initial pitch (Swiss status, etc.)

    Michael Marchuk: Too much on business-plan towards end, then you credentialize your team

    Scottie Spurzem: I agree. It sounded more like a lecture.

    Michael Marchuk: Will, you need a “hook” to allow others to be able to quickly explain your value prop… a short phrase that would make it “connect”

    Michael Marchuk: Use your slides as “anchors” to help reinforce the points you’re making…YOU are the presentation

    jessicaowens: Well done Will! Look forward to next time 🙂

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